ILM Public Speaking Excellence

The New Approach to Presentations

Are you ready to transform your speaking skills or become a public speaker.

Find out more about Public Speaking trainingIn this fun and highly interactive training you will learn:

  • To overcome your fear of public speaking
  • 12 keys to confidence in communication
  •  How to structure your talk to capture everyone’s attention
  •  Learn strategies of professional speakers
  • Creating an irresistible voice
  • Align body language for impact
  • Art of the story
  • Where to find your stories

The month before the course you will receive a pre course pack to help you prepare a talk for the workshop.

On the first two days you will discover how to obtain and hold human attention. One simple thing that takes less than 2 minutes a day which will have people saying to you, that is profound say it again.

In the full colour manual you will find a range of resources, which include:

  • Tools for formatting your talk
  • Story design worksheets
  • 101 tips for public speaking
  • Practice tips used by professional speakers
  • Checklist for speaking engagements]

On the last day of the workshop we pull together everything you have learnt and take you skills to the next level.

As well as receiving feedback on the course, you will also receive one to one feedback after the course.

This is Offered As An In-House Training Only

Contact john@nlpcourses.com to discuss requirements