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Have your ever wondered just how NLP can change your life?

NLP Video – Interview with David Shephard

In this lively interview, David shares his journey and insights into NLP. Discover where and as come from and where he thinks it is moving to and his vision for NLP. Discover Davids enthusiasm for NLP and helping other. Be the first to hear about earth breaking news...

NLP Video – Learn how to set an anchor

Transcript of video below: John: So welcome to this demonstration on anchoring. We have Maxene King here who has very kindly agreed to take part in this demonstration. Hello, Maxene. Maxene: Hello, John. John: What resource would you like anchored? Maxene: I would...

NLP Courses – Values & Beliefs Video

Transcript of Values & Beliefs video: John Cassidy-Rice. Hello and welcome to ‘NLP Courses.com’. My name is John Cassidy-Rice. I have the pleasure to be your host for this video where we usher you past the velvet curtains to the deeper inner workings of an NLP...

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