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This could be the most important item you read today …….or even for the rest of your life. This is a bold claim, I know.

Revealed: The most powerful life-changing tool, ever. I mean ever!

I understand you’re here to find out about the NLP Practitioner. It can be so tempting to dive into the nuts and bolts of this life-altering course. You know what I mean: What are the benefits? When does it take place? Where is it being held? How much does it cost? ……yeah all that stuff. Of course these are all very important points of detail, so hold that thought for a little longer because firstly I want to offer you some real insights about success.

Right, back to the ‘life-changing tool’.

Understanding how to harness this one communication tool will allow you to trump every other so-called technique for change and influence.

People throughout history, even today and well into the future, have used and will continue to use this tool in making a difference in changing people’s lives. It is guaranteed to work.

The clues are all around you. So what are we talking about? Storytelling.

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Wondrous Stories

Yes, ‘The Hero’s Journey’

Change your story and change your life. 

Your beliefs are based on stories you tell yourself and others. So pause for a moment to consider, what is your story? Of course you’ll have some great stories about the past and what you have achieved. But maybe there is something you have yet to achieve, perhaps a particular challenging ambition or interest? Listen to the stories other people tell you about their lives and how they unfolded. Do you want to live a new life changing story?

“Is there a universal model that we can tap into to design a life worth living?”

I’m glad you asked that, because there certainly is!

I want to tell you a little about Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist, writer and lecturer who lived from 1904 to 1987. He explored storytelling throughout history, and in different cultures around the world. His answer to this question was a resounding ‘Yes’! His insights have transformed therapy, the movies and business.

So I’m going to offer a brief overview of his framework model called, “The Hero’s Journey”. Then we will consider how we can use this powerful concept in our own lives.

The model is comprised of a number of successive stages. You will notice a pattern, or narrative that describes the typical adventure of ‘The Hero’ – a person who uses their abilities to courageously strive to achieve great things:


Entering “Story Wonderland” may lead to side effects such as: a great life, customers or bosses that love you, money, fame, and living your dreams.
  • Hearing a calling: a strong urge towards a particular way of life.
  • Accepting the calling: the situation escalates, possibly as a result of external pressures or from something within. An acceptance to face change.
  • Crossing a threshold: likely to be a milestone or an unfamiliar change in direction. A point where The Hero has made a commitment.
  • Finding your guardians or mentors: possibly seasoned travellers, often wise people met along the way that can provide support, advice or guidance for the journey.
  • Facing a challenge: a point of confrontation – a resistance, something becomes realised, possibly something unknown, perhaps a fear.
  • Transforming your demon: from the confrontation/fear something new is discovered. A new awareness is realised, a growing positivity or a new perspective emerges.
  • Completing the task called for: the issue has been tackled and overcome. There is an acknowledgement, a reward or point of celebration.
  • Returning home: the completion of the adventure and to bring back the reward. The conflict at the beginning has been resolved and the person is transformed to become a hero.

“I need a hero. I’m holding out for a hero……..”

Now, let’s put that into a context to help provide some meaning by focusing on a film called ‘The Matrix’ and the central character. It’s a great film and well worth seeing it if you haven’t. But watch it three times:

  • First time. Enjoy the action packed movie.
  • Second time. Notice the personal journey undertaken by the key character ‘Neo’. He represents ‘The Hero’ and transforms from not believing in himself, to believing in himself (great personal development lessons).
  • Third time. Consider the film’s philosophy – what is reality and how would you know? Or, to put it another way, “Last night I dreamt I was a butterfly, or was I the butterfly dreaming to be human?”

Take the bullet point stages listed above, watch the film and use it as a checklist. You will be able to tick off each of the successive stages as the film unfolds. This is all very profound and, in fact, you could apply this model to any successful movie or book.

So, now that you know how to write a best-selling book or movie, we can move on and look to apply this model in our own life.

You have lived stories before, many times. Sometimes you were clearly ‘The Hero’ with a positive outcome, but other times things may not have gone according to plan and you did not succeed. In reality the latter is actually a powerful learning story, because ‘there is no failure only feedback’. That’s an NLP story in itself and one that I live by.

Change your life with NLP - Story telling the art of communiction and living

I’m now going to cast the story model into a more familiar situation. Let’s take the example of ‘Going to University’:

  • Hearing a calling: You start thinking about your education and how best to progress that. University appears to be a worthwhile option and so you research this and think about what to study. You become intrigued by a particular university/course and talk this over with others. The enthusiasm grows until …….
  • Accepting the calling: You then decide to apply to enrol with the university, you complete and submit the form and attend an interview. At this stage you have not been accepted by the university – before anything can happen you accept the calling first.
  • Crossing a threshold: Eventually you do become accepted and attend the university programme. You soon discover a new lifestyle, moving from your old way of life to one of study. This is quite a step up from school, college or employed work. University has put in place a new and unfamiliar academic rigour that requires you to research, write and to think more critically about your chosen topic.
  • Finding your guardians or mentors: This could be your lecturers, friends or family. These are people who are there to teach, support and guide you when needed; they help you overcome any issues or doubts.
  • Facing the challenge: This is where you step up and put the work in. You know what you need to do and are prepared to go the extra mile to get the work done.
  • Transforming the demon: As you apply yourself to the tasks and pressures of university life, you may learn more about yourself and discover constraints and perceptions that appear to hold you back. This could be a range of things such as being badly organised, being dyslexic or having doubts of competence etc. It is at this point that you change your story from, “I’m not an academic” to “I am an academic”.
  • Completing task: You pass! You can wear the gown and the distinguished mortarboard hat. You clutch the important certificate in your hand.
  • Returning home: Of course this can mean physically returning home, but more importantly you then take and retain that learning wherever you go in life. Confidence and opportunity abounds and your world has been transformed.

For some the adventure of ‘Going to University’ could be a major story in life, for others it could be just one of many rich stories.

As you reflect on familiar stories you know, they may now provide you with greater meaning ……some may be immediate, others could be a galaxy far, far away…….

Have you noticed that people who have lived, I mean really lived, have such great stories? Even if those stories become embellished they still become the truth.

Before we let this idea pass us by, let’s briefly recap what we have said so far:

  1. Life is an adventure.
  2. If you have really lived, it’s important to tell and be part of great stories.
  • Stories become our truth.

“Stories become our truth”. This is such an important statement that I have deliberately chosen to repeat it.

So, what if I were to suggest that I wanted to start telling a brand new story all about goals? Heeey….having set this context so far, the topic of Goal Setting already sounds so much more engaging, doesn’t it?

Mind The Gap.

Storytelling naturally stimulates the brain to fill in gaps where there may be missing information. In our innovative and ground-breaking course ‘Cognitive Goal Setting,’ we demonstrate this with just three little words. Consider these carefully now………

Rabbit –Road –Car

Most human brains look for a connection between the isolated words. The brain will start to make associations based on what it already knows. Then, for the remainder it will fill in enough of the missing parts to create a meaningful story. Of course, different people can interpret the meaning in differently ways.

In some stories, poor Mr. Bunny gets flattened. At least he did in my mind. Your brain may have chosen to let him see the car coming and to react.

Your brain may have Mr. Bunny standing up on his hind legs and facing the oncoming car. You may have visualised him lifting up his front paws – first the left one, then the right to block out the dazzling headlight beams before he ducked with seconds to spare.

Wow! Your brain’s ‘gap filling’ has Mr. Bunny hopping home and telling an exciting story. He’s a hero who stared in the face danger and yet lived to tell a tale about it. My brain didn’t even notice it was dark!

You can now begin to appreciate just how powerful this can be.

So, let’s apply the concept to something more important and relevant to your life. For example:

Success – Happiness – NLP Practitioner

Pow! Your brain quickly interpreted this to fill in any gaps of missing information. You brain may have run images of you being successful in business, having a loving and happy family, and attending our NLP Practitioner training to learn and absorb all the wonderful material the course has to offer.

Narrative research.

So there appears to be something to this storytelling, but don’t just take my word for it:

  • Researchers at Princeton University in 2010 discovered that storytellers cause their readers and listeners brains to operate in synch with their own.

Yes, storytelling underpins all influencing techniques, well those that work.

  • Donald E. Polkinghorne (Emeritus Professor and Chair of Counselling Psychology at the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California) said, Narrative (storytelling) is a scheme by means of which human beings give meaning to their experiences”. (1998)

Yes, storytelling helps to create goals, provide meaning and is engaging. Have you realised yet how this tool can have a positive impact on your children, work, marketing, social life, therapy, coaching and even leadership?

Steven Pinker (Canadian-born American cognitive scientist, psychologist, linguist, and popular science author) said, “Intelligence is the ability to attain goals in the face of obstacles by means of decisions and actions based on rational rules. The quality intelligence is awarded to those who follow story structure” (1997)

Oh yes Mr. Pinker, let’s hear that again. “Quality intelligence is awarded to those who follow story structure.” It’s all so true.

Can you now hear ‘your calling’?

This brings us full circle back to The Hero’s Journey. You, like me, know the story structure, so here are a few questions for you. Are your ready for our NLP Practitioner training course? Are you therefore ready for an adventure?

Before you answer, first consider:

  • It’s not for everyone, only a few will be ready.
  • It’s not always easy, I only offer the truth.
  • You will have to work hard; it’s going to cost you time and money.

If this isn’t for you, then this would be a good point to stop reading. I wish you well as you go off to create a different story.

However, if this is your calling, and one that you are prepared to accept, then click here to begin a new and exciting experience to allow your new story to unfold.

Undertake the journey. Step in and become ‘The Hero’.

Now, listen real close because at the heart of true NLP is a real story. Yes, it’s always been there but has been hijacked by ‘snake oil salesmen’. You know the sort, people who knowingly sell fraudulent goods or who are a fraud themselves. So let’s reclaim the heart.

If you have continued reading there is a good chance you are our type of crazy. Do you want to make a difference to your life and the lives of others? Do you want to help others and build a successful business at the same time?

Move in a little closer as we will need to use hushed tones. A little closer, that’s it…..

The great artist Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Study the art of science and the science of art.” This is the approach we use to bring NLP to life. Going far beyond, books and videos, we dive without fear into the depths of human potential and encourage you to paint on your canvass of life.

It all starts with you; you need to decide that NLP is right for you and that we are the right training provider. Have you grown beyond reading books, watching videos and tired of the distorted half-truths about NLP? Can you hear the call of the unique NLP Practitioner course and in your heart and mind accept that call? Commitment is a threshold, but once you commit you will notice a shift and the rewards are many.

As one of our students, you will find a community of like-minded people from around the world and these can often be your ‘guardians and mentors’. You won’t face your challenges alone as these people will help you transform your fears into strengths.

Once you have completed the NLP Practitioner programme, you will continue to be part of our ever expanding community. We actively encourage our students to stay in touch and you can become a mentor yourself to help others along their journey.

Course information (the ‘nuts and bolts’).

Your quest awaits!

Thank you for continuing to hold that thought since I asked you at the very beginning. Here now are the ‘nuts and bolts’, all the detail you need to set sail and embark upon the journey ahead.


This programme is accredited by the ‘Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming’ (ANLP); the only independent accrediting body in NLP.   ANLP has become synonymous with best practice and is recognised as one of the most professional and trusted independent NLP membership organisations in the world.


The programme is comprised of three modules:

Module One:             20/21 January 2018 

Module Two:            16-18 Febuary 2018

Module Three:         9-11 March 2018


– Extensive resources available via an online private members area (video/audio material, reference material, templates etc.)

– Mentoring sessions (worth £1,500 a year)

– Regular newsletters/updates

– Access to podcasts and webinars

– Peer colleagues (‘Guardians and Mentors’)

More details below for each respective package.

NLP Practitioner Packages:

Package One:

NLP Practitioner, 8 Days ‘live’ training, 12 Monthly group mentoring sessions, comprehensive course manual, private members area, ANLP Membership, assessment and certification, one-to-one feedback, option to spread the cost over 10 months. £1,950
Click Here Deposit of £450 sercures your place

Package Two:

NLP Practitioner, 8 Days ‘live’ training, Professional NLP Business Building , 12 monthly group mentoring sessions, comprehensive course manual, private members area, ANLP Membership, assessment and certification, one-to-one feedback, option to spread the cost over 10 months. £3,450
Click Here Deposit of £354.50 to sercure your place

Package Three:

NLP Practitioner, 8 Days ‘live’ Training, plus NLP Master Practitioner, a further 12 days ‘live’ training, online videos/audio versions of the training, 24 monthly group mentoring sessions, comprehensive course manuals, private members area, ANLP Membership, assessment and certification, one-to-one feedback, option to spread the cost over 10 months. £4,350
Click Here Deposit of £650 sercure your place

Each package includes the NLP Practitioner course and the secrets of successful storytellers. This will allow you to achieve a breakthrough in your own life, as well as with others.

Next steps:

Step One:      Decide which package is right for you.

Step Two:      Click the button above and commit to your course.

Step Three:    Arrange a time so that I can call you to discuss the details.

Once you have committed and provided your address details I will send you a welcome gift. This is a token of my appreciation and to acknowledge that you have decided to step out of the ordinary world and into a special world to create a new story.

To be …..or not to be….?

By now I am meant to let you know that there are limited places and it’s important to book quickly to avoid disappointment. But I’m not going to do that, instead I will advise you.

If you are hesitant, not sure and want some further clarity, then please feel free to contact me on

07811 875868

If you feel this course is not for you, then don’t apply. It’s not meant to be.

This is a great personal investment opportunity. The course is intensive, demanding and challenging – it requires commitment, courage and determination. If you are ready to follow your dream and transform to become a true hero, then it’s meant to be.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu (ancient Chinese philosopher and writer). Hear the calling….take that initial step. 

A final thought…….

  • RISK
    • More than others think is safe
  • CARE
    • More than others think is wise
    • More than others think is practical
    • More than others think is possible

………..and live a life worthy of a story

John Cassidy-Rice