Introducing This Exclusive Webinar From John Cassidy-Rice

NLP Power to Influence with ethics

NLP Power to Influence with ethics Part One
John Cassidy-Rice Master NLP Trainer and International coach.

Can NLP help a sales person sell more?  A single person more successful at dating?  An overweight person shed pounds?  

Absolutely.  In the hands of a skilled practitioner, neuro linguistic programing is a powerful tool for influence.

But, what’s the difference between presenting a product in its best light, and manipulating the buyer?  Between appearing attractive?  What makes NLP an ethical choice?  What makes it unethical?

Those are the questions Master NLP Trainer John Cassidy-Rice will address Thursday evening, May 25th in his 40 minute webinar “NLP: The Power to Influence, Ethically.”  

It’s the first in a series of four weekly webinars exploring ethical influence through NLP.  

According to John, every interaction with another person is an opportunity to make a difference.  It only makes sense to build structure into your persuasion skills.  

You will learn: 

  • How the brain processes information (this critical insight is the key to influence).
  • How to recognize healthy behavioural adjustments the mind wants to make anyway.
  • How your own unrecognized behaviour is affecting your own relationships… with your significant other, your children, your co-workers, even your boss.  You’ll also learn how to get more of what you want from each, ethically.  

Join us for this weekly series of live webinars and discover the power of influence through NLP.  

  • Thursday, 25th May, 8pm GMT – “NLP: The Power to Influence, Ethically
  • Thursday, 1st June, 8pm GMT – “The Power of Influential Language
  • Thursday, 8th June, 8pm GMT – “Influence That Creates Good
  • Wednesday, 14th June, 8pm GMT – “Language Patterns to Shape Peoples’ Thinking
Thursday The 25th
At 20:00 UTC+1

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