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NLP Podcast Kim Searle

Interview with Kim Searle NLP and Midlife Crises Download a free copy of Kim's book here:

NLP Podcast Interview Sharan Webb

NLP in everyday life series Interview with Sharan Webb who has used NLP to deal with Depression. Sharan has a passion for helping people and you can contact her by visiting  

NLP Podcast – Interview with Dan O’Connell

Interview with Dan O'Connell. Dan introduces a profound and simple technique for reducing stress. Please find steps below: Reconnect with senses At a time when you will not be distracted by phone etc, ensure that you have 5 minutes to yourself. I find the best way is...

NLP Podcast – Tolu Fagbola

In this weeks NLP Podcast Tolu Fagbola shares his story about how it when from sleeping on a park bench to running an international training company. He also shares the role NLP played in turning his life around and what particular technique he applied that made the...

NLP Podcast – Interview with Ryan Fox

Ryan Fox a consultant for the hairdressing industry shares his insights into how NLP has helped his career. We discover that NLP has a powerful impact on your own confidence and for achieving your goals. More information about Ryan please...

NLP Podcast The Question

I have been hanging out with some salespeople and it got me thinking about being positive in life. Have you ever wondered why one person would be bitter about life and someone else would be motivated? It comes down to how you answer one question in life. This question...

NLP Podcast – Sam O’Prey NLP and Marketing

How to apply NLP to your online marketing and your website. Sam O'Prey is a skilled online marketer and NLP Master Practitioner and has been helping clients achieve success online. You can contact Sam via his website:  ...

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