NLP Podcast 38 – Interview with Sean D’Souza Part 2

Part two of the Sean d'souza interview

Part two of the Sean d'souza interviewRuns the highly successful Psychotactics.com and marketing consultancy.

To give you an idea of what we cover in this interview.

Sean says:

“But how do you take three months off, without affecting your business and profits?

Do you buy into the myth of “outsourcing everything and working just a few hours a week?” Not really. Instead, you structure your business in a way that enables you to put your heart and soul in your work–and then take three months off every single year. Since 2004, we’ve taken three months off every year

This podcast isn’t about making endless amounts of money, working like a lunatic. Instead it’s about how to really enjoy your work, enjoy your vacation time–and yes, get paid in advance.”


Sean’s Podcast link: http://www.psychotactics.com/podcast/


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