Frequently Asked Questions

I am an NLP Practitioner already, but would like to assist or attend your course.

We have a policy of using people who train with us to assist on courses. Alternatively, if you would like to take our practitioner training you may do so. We have many people who decide to do this and found that they have greatly benefited from the learning and extensive support we offer.

What happens if I miss a training day?

You will be invited back to complete the training. If you miss a day or would like to take the Hypnosis or Coaching at a later date you can.

Are the coaching and hypnosis courses really full courses?

Yes, Coaching via ILM and Hypnotherapy via HPD

I want to take your NLP Practitioner but I am already a coach or hypnotist would I benefit?

Yes, you will benefit greatly by taking our NLP Practitioner and other trainings. Not only will you have an integrated approach to your training, you will gain deeper insights, support and have further qualifications.

I have been told that I should do a 18 day course?

some companies seem to think that length of time equals quality of information, what is important is the skills level you leave the course with and not how long you are in a classroom. someone once said "Do you really want to train with someone who starts with a limited belief about your ability to learn." You are offered lifetime support in everything you learnt from us by design, unlike that which is offered by any other company.

Is it true that John has only five jokes?

John has five other musical jokes which if you ask him on the NLP Practitioner he may tell you.


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