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NLP Workbook Summary – Joseph O’Connor

Summary of NLP Workbook: A Practical Guide To Achieving The Results You Want Today’s world is characterised by increased competition, volatility and enhanced expectations for better results and performance. As a result, individuals and organisations are embracing...

Summary: The Chimp Paradox

Dr Steve Peters Show how we respond to life People face various challenges in day-to-day life such as depression and illnesses, and they respond to these challenges in various ways. How people respond to these challenges depends on whether they get help from other...

Using Your Brain — for a CHANGE Summary

Using Your Brain -- for a CHANGE by Richard Bandler Summary The book Using Your Brain -- for a CHANGE by Richard Bandler Summary, shows the reader how Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be used to change experiences by transforming aspects of internal imagery,...

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